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By #RunChi member Joanna Wahler

The leaves are beginning to fall and so comes the grumbles that, in the words of the Starks, winter is coming. If you live in Chicago, you talk about the weather. If you run in Chicago, you not only talk about the weather, but checking your weather app (or three weather apps) is a daily ritual. That doesn’t change whether there are leaves on the trees or not.

Winter for some runners means hibernation, others time to dust off the gym membership and miles on a treadmill, but for me and my fellow Winter Warriors…it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Yes, running in the winter is cold but some benefits include:

  1. Tranquility on the path: The lake path is less crowded with fewer bikes and beach goers.
  2. You can hit snooze: You can sleep in and start your run later since you don’t have to worry about the heat.
  3. New Gear: From amphipod LED triangles to Mizuno breath thermo, there’s technology to stay visible and warm.
  4. No Offseason: By continuing to run through the holidays, you can stay fit and be in better condition in time for the upcoming racing season.
  5. You can become a Winter Warrior: Chicago Endurance Sports has a 12-week training program leading up to Los Cabos’ half-marathon and local Chicago option to motivate, support, and help with your personal goals.

I will be resting up these next few weeks after the Madison Marathon this past weekend, but can’t wait for winter running. Hope to see you out there!

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