I skipped July and August recaps because, well, frankly there was nothing interesting or ground-breaking going on. I successfully ran 11 miles at the end of August and then 5 days later fell backwards out of a headstand. I’m okay but I’ve had tightness in my lower back and going to get in with a chiropractor for an adjustment. I got a massage and it helped a lot but I still feel like I need an adjustment. I sent my Forerunner 10 into Amazon and got $25 for it and then bought a refurbished 110 for $65. I’ve only taken it on one run so far but I like it a lot better and more importantly it actually works unlike the old one.

My hamstring has been on and off but it’s not been painful or made me change my gait – which are positive things. And I’ve run the last three days in a row and survived! I can’t tell you the last time I ran three consecutive days but it has probably been years. I am supposed to be done with physical therapy soon but I think she wants to keep me in it longer – let’s hope my insurance will let me stay a few more weeks.So here I am – three weeks out from the 3 Lander Marathon and I still have no idea if I’ll be running 13.1 or 26.2 miles. 13.1 sounds appealing because it’s half the distance and only going to be 2.5 hours of running but I do think I can finish the 26.2 relatively pain free with a smart approach. After all, I was more injured and far less undertrained for the Chicago Marathon in 2012 and I got through it.

There are pros and cons for each distance. Plus if I only run 13.1 I don’t get to Switzerland so the race becomes a 2 Lander Half Marathon. My plan is: I have no plan. I am hoping to run 15 or 16 miles this upcoming weekend (in one go) and that will give me a good idea of what to do. Other than that, I will continue to aim for 26.2 and head over there with everything to run the full distance and I will just see how I feel. I could have a fabulous day or I could be struggling at mile 4. I have the best case scenario in that I can decide in the race to take the half turn off (I should look at the course and see where that is…) instead of having to make the decision prior.

What do you think I should do? Just go for the half or keep working for the full? All thoughts and opinions are welcome!! No matter what – follow my adventure as I take over the #runCHI Instagram from October 1st-4th!

One thought on “The Road to Germany: 13.1 vs 26.2

  1. Eek, I’m glad you’re okay after falling out of the headstand! You might not want to hear this but I think your body has been through s lot this year so I would suggest the half marathon. I don’t want to see you making the injury worse and you have so many years to run marathons. Run the half and enjoy your vacation.

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