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By #RunChi Member Nina Liewehr

I had a goal for June, to run 80% of my scheduled miles. That did not happen. I was only able to run 63% of my scheduled miles…because I’m now an injured runner.

In the beginning of June I started to have some discomfort and slight pain where my hamstring and glute meet. It wasn’t consistent but would come and go and then it got consistent. So I made an appointment with my physical therapist who is one of my favorite people in the world.

Hamstring tendinitis.Ouch. Not good. At all.

Then I went to the sports doctor to get an Rx for PT, and she thinks I have a hamstring strain…in addition to the tendinitis. Funnily enough, my glute hasn’t been bothering me but my hamstring has…so basically my hamstring just isn’t happy.

My physical therapist and the sports doctor think I should still be able to complete the marathon, which is good. We’ll re-evaluate in 6 weeks and go from there. I’ve been told to keep running so long as it doesn’t hurt.

I’m not that optimistic. Which is strange because I usually am optimistic. I’m having a really hard time seeing myself running 26.2 miles in 3 months’ time. I’m green with envy and want to cry at the sight of every runner I see. I’ve had to write myself little motivational quotes in my planner every day to try and keep my spirits and hope afloat.  I’m trying to regroup my thoughts and come up with a plan to keep my fitness up as much as possible and to keep my mental strength up too.

This meditation video is certainly helping!

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