By #RunChi member Angelica Guerrero

What’s the oddest prize or race memorabilia you know?

Last month while visiting Gijon, Spain, with a group of exchange students from my school in Chicago, I had the opportunity to participate in a race. The race, La carrrera de la mujer is a fund raising event supporting breast cancer research. La carrera takes place in eight cities in Spain, including Gijon, Madrid, Seville and Barcelona.

The entry was 10 euros, 22 if you wanted a special commemorative t-shirt. I decided to get the t-shirt and registered for the 5.5k race. Good thing I did so before going to Spain because the race was sold out with a cap of 7,000 women participants.

The event did not seem super competitive but there were some women I could tell who were ready to win the race. I gave it my best shot and end of placing 5th overall. When the award ceremony took place, I went to the stage ready to get a trophy, which I had seen at the finish line. I did get a trophy, along with a pair of sunglasses and a big sign. When I read the sign, I was totally blown away because the main prize was 15 litters of olive oil! One of the sponsors of the race is an Olive oil company. Have you ever known of a stranger award?

P.S. I did not travel back to the USA with 15 bottles of oil. My friends in Spain are using it to make really good tortillas!

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